Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup, Chavo Del 8: Gol De Borja!!

In todays Germany-Portugal game, Jorge Perez teamed up with color man Enrique Borja, related an amusing anecdote. The Ecuadorian TV crew had asked if "Borja" in the Univision broadcast booth was the same "Gol De Borja" on El Chavo Del 8.

Enrique Borja, now an Univision expert commentator, was a scoring legend in Mexican soccer as well as a two time world cup player, in the late 60's and early 70's. El Chavo Del 8, was a character created by Roberto Gomez Bola~os - whose show Chespirito that ran in the 1970's became not only a Mexican, but also a Latin American icon, that still lives on in syndication and best-selling DVD's.

El Chavo literally lived in a barrel located in the common area of a "patio" - a working class building. The kids would play soccer, "calling" their names, and the big one - the "shotgun" was always Enrique Borja. So when Chavo/Borja scored - usually involuntarily right in the big belly of Sr. Barriga- it was accompanied by the cry of "Gol De Borja". Funny, that brought up a flood of memories.