Friday, July 14, 2006

Picture Of The Day


Gotta love this one. Prime Minister Koizumi at Graceland w/Dubya, Priscilla, Lisa Marie.
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Nahu said...

Haha he's japanese after all, a little extravagance is expected!

Salvador Remas said...

Koizumi is such a puppet goof--dancing and acting the clown with a world leader of a country that nuked hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians.

Yeah, he is a goof--but one that you rightwingers love to pat on the head because he is so obseqious and clownish.

Boli-Nica said...

Don't you ever just laugh at funny shit, or is it just cooler sounding like a commisar?

Salvador Remas said...

No, Boli-nica--given the criminality of the US and the obseqiuousness of Koizumi (for backing the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq) as a neocolonial puppet, I see this little dance to please the emporer (Bush) as really tragic. This is not funny in the least bit--and this doesn't seem funny to any of the few survivors of US nukes living in Japan.

You seem easily amused.

Boli-Nica said...

dood you are hilarious, good satirist!

Salvador Remas said...

What is tragi-comic, Boli-nica is this: an emporer (Bush) who agrees that it was justice to drop nuclear weapons and kill hundreds of thousands of women and childred of Japan is laughing at the absurd antics of the empire-supported little leader Japan.

Somehow I believe that anyone that doesn't back terror sees this display of jesterism on the part of Koizumi as pathetic.

That you don't indicates the degree to which you are but a mind-numbed little puppet for empire too.

Truth hurts--but not as much as dropping atomic bombs on people. :(

Boli-Nica said...

Give me a break, yes it was horrible that those weapons were dropped. But the U.S. dropped the bomb, because they did not want to invade mainland Japan, because the Japanese did not particuarly want to surrender. And given the Island nations nasty methods of expansion, it was not unreasonable to want to disarm them.
Geez, there are undisputed facts: That as of mid 1945, you had American troops invading islands close to Japan. And that during these invasions, hundreds of Japanese pilots deliberately crashed into invading ships, enemy soldiers fought to the death, and would commit suicide before surrender, that Japanese civilians would hurl themselves at invaders or jump off cliffs before being allowed to be tak

Salvador Remas said...

Boli-nica said: "But the U.S. dropped the bomb, because they did not want to invade mainland Japan, because the Japanese did not particuarly want to surrender."

First off it was bombs, plural. Wow, what a humanitarian gesture--the winners claim that they did this to save so many innocent lives. LOL

Boli-nica, where did you learn that propaganda line--no doubt from a US education.

The reality is that Japan was on its knees, literally. The Soviets would have invaded soon--and the US had the bomb that it was eager to display to the Red Menace.

Dropping the bomb was an act of cynicism and terror.

So, I guess it would be ok if an anti-US Islamic jihadist set off nuclear weapons in major US cities--killing millions--because they believed that they were saving the world.

See the flaws with this rationale.

Dropping these weapons and killing hundreds of thousands of women and children WAS NOT necessary. But what do you expect that the US political class would say to their public: we did it because we want to be a world superpower.

Either you are navie, disengenous, or a little bit of both.

But I expect you to see the flaws in the propaganda line that you have been spoon fed--the fate of the world, literally, will depend on this.

I still find it disconcerting for Koizumi to act the jester for the pleasure of Bush--a man that believes that it was entirely justice and good to have dropped those bombs on Japanese civilians.

Only an ethical retard would not see my point here.

Sometimes its best to just shut up--but you can choose to dig your hole of ignorance and ethical retardation deeper.

And you dare to attack Castro or anyone else for their taking of innocent lives to further their political goals? hummm....