Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mexico:"Cumple Peje" AMLO Caught on Tape

Literally: "Live up to your promises AMLO." This video, making the rounds in Mexico, splices several interviews where AMLO is asked point blank whether he would respect the election results and IFE's final decision even if it meant he lost. The first questioner goes further and asks him if he would respect that decision even if it was by one vote that he lost. He answers clearly and unequivocally, YES, because he is a democrat.

tip of that hat (y una chela bien fria) to T.J. a/k/a Tijuanete, one of my racing buddies from way back for this find.

EDIT: As of Saturday July 8, 2006, this video on YouTube has been viewed: 720,489 times!!! and has 1868 comments. If you want to read some polarized opinions the comments section is brutal.


A.M. Mora y Leon said...

Dig the dude with the green hair. What was that all about? In fact, scroll back, what the heck was THAT?

Love the way the newscasters all poke their fingers at the guy in skepticism. You'd never see that here, but it's funny when it's done there.

Boli-Nica said...

A.M..the interviewer is literally a Bozo the interviewer. but I love the video.

One of the Mexican bloggers has the video up too, and an interesting discussion.

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