Friday, July 21, 2006

Latin America: Nostalgia Dubbed Shows in the 70's & 80's?

Shows From Our Childhood
Thats how the page's creator describes the dubbed US and British shows which many of us watched growing up in Latin America and Spain. Fun page,

Think it is a Spanish page, because some of the translated titles from his page appear a bit different. Shows in Latin America were mostly dubbed in Mexico.
Ocho son Suficientes and not Con ocho basta

We always thought of Steve Austin's as El Hombre Nuclear, not El hombre de los seis millones de dólares.

Corrupción en Miami was Miami Vice at least in Costa Rica. For some reason El Crucero Del Amor, sounds better than Vacaciones en el mar

Think La tribu de los Brady is correct, but I hated it in any language, and refused to watch it even if we only had 2 channels. One or two season wonders like Espacio 1999 (Space 1999) which ended up cycling in reruns for a decade.
Some cool shows like Los Vengadores (The Avengers), El Santo (The Saint), and Stuff like Daktari, where came from lord knows where. b/t/w: that is Clarence El Leon Bizco! below