Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tragedy, Inevitable Media Overreaction

Now, it is time for some media outlets to get really annoying. Though, to be fair they partly respond to a public that loves this shit and expects and demands all day coverage.

How This Happened hysterics:Endless reconstructions about the shooting, A barrage of clips aboiut the killers every damn moment of existence, and twenty million motives, by twenty million experts, 33 life stories of dead, another 30 of the wounded, and about 1000 about everyone traumatized, including the kid who at the last moment chose to get his engineering degree at Georgia Tech, and the guy who used to play the mascot at Virginia Tech games.

Why This Happened hysterics Every single bit of pandering and whining by gun control advocates, the NRA, Hokie alumni, South Korean groups, anti-immigrant types, date rape campus survivor groups, atheist groups and Christians, 911 conspiracy nuts,....et al.

This Could Happen Again...and Here By far the most nefarious and obnoxious of all of the above. Everyone thundering about how fucking unsafe our larger college campuses are, calls for commissions, spot checks of the Theta Chi house at GW to see if it could happen there. Classrooms examined. Every single news affiliate going to their local college and asking stupid questions of everyone, including the rent-a-cop head of university security, and interviewing hot chicks in Quads.

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