Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rock You Like a Hurricane!!!

Just had to throw the over-used Scorpions reference in. For the anti-globalemmings out there who can't stand me, sorry I did not get sucked out of my window by Wilma, electrocuted by a power line, or hit by an errant tree branch.

Got power finally, that sure was four days of fun without electric. Well, time to figure out the whole gasoline situation, which they say sucks.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chavez At Full Samba

A top Venezuelan official confirmed that the State-run oil company, PVDSA, will be sponsoring a float at Rio de Janeiro's annual Carnaval. Left unsaid, according to one local wag, was whether Chavez was going to deliver on his public promise to go dance with nubile young garotas at the huge event. As the "other" Venezuelan Amigos Invisibles at suggest, this fun would cost Venezuelan taxpayers about a cool million or two. Seems like the spectacle of Chavez cavorting with statuesque Cariocas, in the interest of spreading the Bolivarian Revolution, carries a pretty high price tag for Venezuelas citizens.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Another Name For The Bolivarian Revolution

Some Venezuelans refer to it as the "Robo-lucion"


Its Not Only Havana

About 100 miles north of Castro's paradise, another city inhabited by Cubans is also enjoying the fruits of the Bolivarian Revolution. It is whispered that so many of Chavez' cronies are buying houses, condos, and commercial properties in the Miami area, that it is helping to fuel the current real estate lunacy going on in the Metro Dade area.

Bolivia: Quispe Threatens To Take Up Arms

Aymara leader, and presidential candidate, Felipe Quispe (Mallku) has threatened to take up armas, if he loses the elections, according to this AFP piece reprinted in Petroleumworld

Quispe has previously admitted he has trained guerillas in the highland region.

While Quispe has strained relations with Evo Morales and MAS, and has recently stated that Evo is not ready to govern Bolivia, and has made "deals" with the "neo-liberals". he has been close to Garcia Linera the MAS VP candidate. They were both involved in the same guerilla movement, were jailed, and the lilly-white Garcia Linera is somewhat of a theoretical guru to the Aymara activist.

That relationship makes me wonder if Quispe - who has no chance of winning- is purposefully playing the extreme, to make Morales more palatable to the urban middle classes in the highlands. If Morales is seen as a relatively moderate alternative among indigenous leaders, as well as having the credibility and strength among the indigenous base he could receive the votes of middle class voters wanting stability.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Venezuela Chavez' "Bolivarian" Computers

More comedy from Caracas! Hype From Hugo.

Chavez now decides to embark on building a so-called "Bolivarian" Computer for Venezuela, in a joint venture with a Chinese Company story here.

Underneath all the nonsense is the plain fact that this whole thing is no more than an assembly plant for Chinese-made computer components. Assembling computers has been done in basements, and in cheap-labor plants all over the world for years. So much for innovation, this is more maquilladora than "incubadora".