Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chavez At Full Samba

A top Venezuelan official confirmed that the State-run oil company, PVDSA, will be sponsoring a float at Rio de Janeiro's annual Carnaval. Left unsaid, according to one local wag, was whether Chavez was going to deliver on his public promise to go dance with nubile young garotas at the huge event. As the "other" Venezuelan Amigos Invisibles at suggest, this fun would cost Venezuelan taxpayers about a cool million or two. Seems like the spectacle of Chavez cavorting with statuesque Cariocas, in the interest of spreading the Bolivarian Revolution, carries a pretty high price tag for Venezuelas citizens.


Anonymous said...

Would it really be safe for Chavez to make such a public appearance in a country that just affirmed the right to bear arms?

There is a reason Castro never leaves Cuba.

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Taylor Kirk said...

Someone send me an interesting video yesterday. It's pretty much an opposition piece on the military crackdown on the PDVSA protesters, in Spanish. It takes quite awhile to download b/c it's 20min long, but I think it's worth it:

Anonymous said...

Does it hurt everytime he wins a election with 60% + ?

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