Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mexico Venezuela: El Chamo Del Ocho...

OMG..this is hilarious. Jose Vicente Rangel -regarded by many as nothing more than Chavez' PR whore- with a day job officially Vice President of the Boliviarian Republic of Venezuela, has some comments on Mexico's election.
How nice of a VP of a fellow Latin American country - one with long-standing historical ties - just happens to offer his enlightened opinion on the electoral results of another sovereign nation - particularly Mexico's.
And what an opinion! No doubt based on his own experiences in the transparent and impartial electoral system in Venezuela, he find it suspicious that the ruling party won by such a narrow margin. Methinks what he really meant to say was they got it all wrong, to steal the elections right you create legions of phantom voters with the same last name, so your margin of victory is wider.

Rangel says narrow win by Mexican rightist is suspicious
Caracas, Jul 6 (EFE).- Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel said Thursday that he found it "suspicious" that the presidential candidate of Mexico's rightist ruling party was only winning by a fractional margin.

"That's the case not just in Mexico but in any country," Rangel told reporters at the end of a ceremony honoring Venezuelan leftist leader Jesus Paz Galarraga.
"For a ruling party candidate to win by only a few tenths raises suspicions. One from the opposition could win by such a margin, but for the government candidate to do so arouses suspicions," the Venezuelan vice president said.

Rangel said Venezuela's election system was much more reliable than Mexico's because it was electronic and prevented the manipulation of vote numbers and ballots.
"Some have tried to compare the two systems, but ours is much more trustworthy and transparent. I believe that at this time half of the Mexican people do not have full confidence in their electoral system," Rangel said. EFE rr/hv