Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lebanon: Updates, Were Hizbullah Using UN Observers For Cover?,

Canadian Observer Had Sent Email Saying So
Retired Canadian General Lew MacKenzie — who is speaking in Toronto tonight at a Stand with Israel rally — was interviewed on CBC Toronto radio this a.m.
He told the show’s anchor that he had received an e-mail only days before from the dead Canadian observor who was a member of his former battalion. MacKenzie says that the message indicated in effect that the UN position was being used as cover by Hezbollah, who, MacKenzie explained, can do so quite freely as they are not members of the UN and not subject, therefore, to official condemnation

Bottom Line: That is a Canadian General, interviewed on Canadian radio, and those are the words of one of the men who unfortunately died. That is some pretty strong stuff there, and needs to get out there every time the UNIFIL story comes out.