Monday, July 24, 2006

Venezuela: Chavez-Watch: Hugo Goes To Russia And Iran

Hugo's Excellent Adventure

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is currently on a world tour that is likely to widen the rift with the United States - but may win him further support for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.
He arrived in Belarus on Sunday, from where he will continue to Russia, Qatar, Iran, Vietnam and Mali.
Mr Chavez is due to return to Venezuela on 2 August after nearly two weeks on the road.
What will interest diplomats at the US state department most is President Chavez's visits to Moscow and Tehran.

How Nuts Is He?
Even Chavistas are asking what the hell is going on in his head? Putin will sell him weapons and try to do some big dollar deals. Chavez might get some deals done, and find a kindred soul in the crackpot President of Iran, and exchange conspiracy theories. But the mullahs who really rule Iran, are not going to take this clown with his crazy schemes seriously. Iranian, and other Islamic Middle Easterners tend to be wary of loud-mouth Latin Americans - despite any kinship they might feel (or maybe because of it!).
Some think that Hugo might go visit Syria, which with this media-whore is a possibility. Algunos malpensados are already saying that maybe he might want to take a detour to Lebanon, and stand in the middle of South Beirut dressed up as a rocket launcher.


Anonopotomous said...

Yeah, you folks on the political, far rightwing have been so many times.

How 'nuts' is Chavez--obiviously, he is nuts enough to take on the most dangerous, criminal and deranged of all the world leaders, Bush, and WIN. Over and over he has made the neocon, far right in the US look like utter fools.

No, only in your narrow, indoctrinated imagination is Bush seen as a force for true human peace and freedom.

Chavez continues to fill the void left by the hypocritical leader of the West whose only legecey is the Big Mac, pollution, wars for resources, and the miserable cup of woe that they inibriate themselves from.

Keep drinking--the far right in the West will continue to lay to the groundwork for a resurgent rebillion against anglo-capitalist plunder.

sod said...

Chavez probably visited tehran to set up their Euro oil bourse.

if we could buy oil 4 euros in euroland, then the ECB could start printing money so fast that we'd all be living in debt land here.

Boli-Nica said...

dood is an absolute nut..

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