Monday, July 17, 2006

Cuba: Where's Fidel? Comings and Goings and No Castro

This could be nothing, but....

With closed regimes like Fidel's you absolutely have to see what the regime's official news organs are reporting, trying to read between the lines, and look for the clues.

Like this news today from Prensa Latina and also in Granma. The Bahamas opened an official embassy in Havana, with a ceremony attended by the Bahamian Foreign Minister, Frederick A. Mitchell, and a large official delegation including another Minister and several members of Parliament.

When the Cuban Foreign Minister, Perez Roque, had an official visit to the Bahamas in 2003 he was also hosted by Minister Mitchell, and during his stay met with the Prime Minister of the Island, Perry G. Christie, and with the Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont, where the announcement was made that Bahamas would open an Embassy in Cuba.

This is a significant diplomatic event between two Caribbean nations. When a country opens an embassy, it implies deeper and more important ties between two nations. and you expect Castro to return the courtesy extended by the Prime Minister and receive the Foreign Minister - that would be the correct etiquette. But, he is nowhere to be seen.