Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebanon: American Media, Does Anyone Have a Memory

Dumb So I am watching coverage on the 24 hour channels. On MSNBC the usually sane Joe Scarborough, talked about a possible "escalation", namely the insertion of Israeli ground forces into Lebanon. A theme repeated in most other coverage.
Am I the Only One Who Remembers
The Israeli's launching a major invasion of Lebanon? Now that was a ground war! And it capped off years of border incidents, bombings, cross-border raids by the PLO, the Israeli's chasing them back across the border, Syria up to all sorts of mischief. Fairly recently, Israel kept a buffer zone inside the country.

So if Israel launches a limited incursion into Lebanon, it will simply be nothing worse than what happened many times before. And compared to bombing of targets inside central and northern Lebanon, it conceivably could affect less people.


Salvador Remas said...

Boli-nica--being an impire means never having to remember your past crimes. This is an elementary point, a truism of sorts.

Don't you support Isreal's 'self-defense' as it targets civilian infrastructure, bombs children, and blows apart bridges. This is 'self-defense'.

They started it--by capturing two Isreali soldiers.

When US/Isreal bombs Gaza neighborhoods and kills innocents (which they know will happen when they bomb, don't play stupid Boli-nica) you say nothing. You support their terrorism because they 'have to do it', it is 'self-defense'.

It's getting harder to defend US/Isreal and the fanatical project of the Jewish state, isn't it?

Boli-Nica said...

Get a clue, Hizzbulah provoked Israel, Israel took the bait.

Anonymous said...

Hey Salvador! Off your medication again, I see. Israel did what it had to do, they got two of your boys, you get four of theirs. They want to take you down, take them out first. Hezbollah just bit off more than it can chew.

Hope they choke on it.

Icepick the Mad!

Anonopotomous said...

The imperial terror squads will fail in Lebanon just as they did two decades ago--grow a memory you morons.

You are only weakening the imperialism you worship so much. But keep it up. We are winning!

You are choking on your own racist stupidity. Fun to watch.

Boli-nica, when is your little whiny ass going to defend empire in Iraq? We are waiting for you, bring your sissy ass on, boy.

Anonymous said...

Good God man! Get a hold of yourself. The 60's are over, your lot lost. Imperialism, racism, you throw that around this casually in an argument? Would you like to point out the extent of this "empire" for us unenlightened ones? We do need your wisdom. I can only count American Samoa, Midway, Puerto Rico. U.S. Virgin Islands, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau and Guam. Damn fine islands, by the way. So where again? This imperialism you refer to, would it be "western" imperialism, because that would include the commies' attempt at it also. Iseael was never an American attempt at "empire" building. Hell, the Israelis at the time got jumped numerous time, and won, despite being outnumbered. Losers often shrilly screamed about unfair advantages when they lost. Why are you siding with them punks, I'm not sure. Be sure of one thing, the Israeli's will to fight came not from nationalism , but from the realization that those around them will go to great lenghts and means in order to ensure the complete destruction of them as a people.

Who'd you think's gonna win.

Icepick the Mad!

Boli-Nica said...

IP, don't even bother debating that character. They are nuts.

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