Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Juan Pablo Montoya: How Could We Know That Promises End?

photo courtesy of YFDS Gomeratii:p

Brazilian motorsports writer, on Speedtv Cassio Cortes has an awesome article on Speedtv about Montoya's shock move, which expresses just about everything I want to say:

How Could We Know That Promises End?
Written by: Cassio Cortes, RACER Magazine Sao Paulo, Brazil – 7/11/2006

For sheer shock and awe value, Juan Pablo Montoya’s switch from Formula 1 to NASCAR was great news, in the classic journalistic sense: a secret kept better than Deep Throat’s identity, and an undeniably a coup for NASCAR and, to an extent, American racing. Today’s confirmation that he will no longer be racing for McLaren this season was hardly a surprise, as his new Ganassi deal made him the proverbial lame duck at the Woking squad..

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