Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cuba: Castro Corpse Watch: Not There Yet, But Might Face Charges

ITS ALIVE...BUT BARELY!This Article confirms that Fidel Castro will be attending the Mercosur Summit, so reports of his demise seem a bit premature, but then again long plane trips are not good for octogenerians so there might be some hope. Jail Him, But there is some reason to be optimistic, there is a report that two Argentinian Senators want to arrest the Cuban Dictator as soon as he arrives in Argentina, so he can be tried for Crimes against Humanity, which summary executions of opponents, and locking up AIDS patients, certainly qualifies as. Wonder what the "selective" Human Rights types who romanticize this old SOB, will say about that, probably nothing. A pox on all of you who cry about one sides crimes, and excuse shit from the other, bunch of fucking hypocrites.


Unfortunately he survived the flight, but according to this article his wretched carcass had to be hauled down with the help of an aide. So here's to hoping he chokes on his colostomy bag.

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Salvador Remas said...

Jail him? Don't make me laugh, with the US crimes in Latin America--supporting thug regimes, training torturers, death squads, IMF austerity, terrorism, etc.--the Americas will die laughing at the notion of jailing Castro and letting Carilles and Bosh walk the streets of Miami (while you shower them with flowers, you pig).

After they finish laughing there will be an open rebellion against capitalism and a revolt of the oppressed classes in every nation.

No, why don't you advocate jailing Bush?--because you agree with the empire's terrorism. Traitor. You should stay in Miami with your support for US terrorism.

You'd get your ass kicked for being such a butt-boy for US imperialism in any other nation (except for the neighborhoods of the vendepatria wealthy elites, of course. They are far, far, racist rightwingers--your people).

Boli-Nica said...

hahaha, what a hypocrite...

talk about promoting stupidity. Collectivism and right/left totalitarianism are the crimes of the century. Check the tens of millions who starved to death because of idiot ideas that made every one equally poor, and then made them even poorer.
And Castro's ideological pimps spread these stupid ideas to places in Africa, Latin America, with guns he provided.

Anonymous said...

I pity the poor colostomy bag. With the generous amount of effluvia that Castro produce, me thinks the colostomy bag is overworked. Probably needs to be emptied every few minutes, more often if he's speaking.

Icepick the Mad!

Anonymous said...
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