Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latin America, Music: New Aterciopelados, Mana, Amigos Invisibles, Kinky

El Rock Vive!
Three of Rock in Spanish biggest names have new releases set for this fall. EDIT: 4.

Colombia's Aterciopelados, one of Latin America's most innovative bands, have a new release titled OYE set for release in the fall, after five years:
Now Aterciopelados — appearing at the Hollywood Bowl during Saturday's Musica Con Sabor festival, with Bebe, Reyli and Mexican Institute of Sound — is wrapping up its forthcoming album, which Buitrago says is tentatively titled "Oye!" Due this fall on Nacional Records, the album signals a return to the band's raucous beginnings.
"It's more of a rock record," Buitrago says, likening it to "Pipa de la Paz," the Grammy-nominated 1997 album in which loud guitars and live drums amplify a groovy mix of Latin American folk music, electronica and alternative rock.

Aterciopelados on MTV Unplugged Doing The Classic Bolero Falaz

Los Amigos Invisibles the disco/boogie Venezuelan lunatics according to their web site, are also releasing a new album SUPERPOP VENEZUELA which should be in stores on September 5th, They are currently touring, including a gig at the very cool Green Dolphin in Chicago on the 27th of this month, and gigs in L.A., Boston, New York:

Superpop Venezuela, our new album, will be available in US stores starting September 5th., 2006. This fifth full length CD was produced by Dimitri from Paris, a world renowned producer from the dance music scene, and will be the band’s first album released by its new record label, GOZADERA RECORDS.
"Superpop Venezuela is our tribute to having been raised in a South American country, and to the happiness we feel differentiating ourselves from the rest of the planet for having roots in a culture as rich as the Latin one," says José Luis Pardo, guitarist of the ensemble.
The album displays the variety of rhythms always characteristic of Los Amigos Invisibles productions. It combines the contagious House of "Yo no sé" and "Media Luna" with afro-beats from the hymn "All day today," bossanova in "Rosario," salsa in "Amar es algo más" and much more. Los Amigos Invisibles’ important new album is more flavorful than a tasty dessert after a great dinner.

Some Old School Amigos In all Their Funky Double-Entendre Glory:

Mexico's uber-popular rockeros Mana just released a new single, Labios Compartidos, on the 10th, the first track off their upcoming album, AMOR EN COMPETIR which should be in stores in late August

Mexico, July 10, 2006 (Notimex) - Mexican pop-rock band Mana is back in the music scene. Their latest album, "Amor en Combatir," will hit stores on August 22, and the first single, "Labios compartidos," will be released on July 10.
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After three years of being absent from music, the band will release today the first single of their production, which was written by Fher Olvera, the band's lead singer.
Part of the lyrics for the song, which focuses on infidelity, state "Labios compartidos, labios divididos mi amor. Yo no puedo compartir tus labios. Ni comparto el engaño, ni comparto mis días ni el dolor. Ya no puedo compartir tus labios, Oh amor, oh amor" (Shared lips, divided lips my love. I can't share your lips, nor I can share deception, or my days, or pain. I can't share your lips. Oh, my love, oh my love).

They premiered the song at Premios Juventud on Univision:

Kinky Monterrey, Mexico's eclectic band, whose unique sound has been heard in movies such as Traffic, and who really tear it up live, also are on tour and have a new CD REINA out for the 5th of September. The album features guest appearances by Ely Guerra, the accordion player from Intocable, and the one-eyed Aussie from Men At Work.
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