Friday, July 14, 2006

Cuba: Venezuela?? Somethings Up

Ever get that weird and instinctive feeling that something is going to give?? Can't even put it rationally.

Too many weird things out of Cuba, not only the Fidel's fake death announcements. I am talking about the dissident publishing that op-ed about an orderly transition, guys getting fired from the Cuban C.P., realignments, laws being passed, too much movement.

And tonight Chavez has a TV meltdown about that post-Castro report from the White House. Hugo the drama queen was on it - visibly pissed off. Either he knows something -- or Cuban intelligence is feeding him fake stuff.

Talk about Chavez, methinks that psychotic balancing act of his is starting to really fray at the edges. He is going to make a big screw up. Too much money flying around, someone is going to turn on him.


Anonymous said...

Just think! When Fidel gives it up one of your Pinochet type buddies will be right there to take his place and get rid of all that free-education-through-college crap. And the free health care! Who cares if it's among the best in the world? If a doctor can't build a practice pulling down a cool million (US$) a year...why waste the effort. Yeah—Pinochet, Somosa, Reza Shah, Marcos—one of us kinda guys'll be there to stop the common folk from gettin' too uppity and settin' up they own guvment. Only problem is those danged Cuban people. Did ya know that 11 million o' those suckers cudda got on da boat and been livin' da good life in Florida or Joisey rat now? Why, they's all brainwashed! They shore ain't smarter'n me!

Boli-Nica said...

Dude-or dudette get with the program, or at the very least think free yourself fro ideological blinders for second.

At the very core Castro and Pinochet are birds of a feather. They were militarists, who had an unshakable belief in the rightness of their cause, and whose totalitarian thinking led them to advocate total war against enemies of their State, real or imagined.

Am I the only one who thinks it is not a coincidence that both the Chilean and Cuban military and intelligence services were trained and shaped by the worst criminals of the 20th Century, the German Nazi's and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

Salvador Remas said...

Really, your lame conflation of Castro with Pinochet (US supported and coddled) is way off the mark.

The US and its puppets have smashed democracy and killed hundreds of thousands.

Now these supporters of terrorism are doing it again in Iraq.

Chavez is correct in stating catagorically that the US plans for Cuba are vile, decietful and intended to impose another dictatorship on the island.

Boli-Nica said...

What a worldview!!
Don't you realize that you are teetering precariously on the edge of falling into that strange tinfoil hat world where visible and invisible conspiracies and machinations of all sort, control everything in the World.

Salvador Remas said...

Invisible conspiracies?!

Don't you read the papers Boli=nica? Are you blind to what the US is doing in Iraq--the support for Isreali terror against innocent civilians? Harboring and supporting the terrorism of Juan Bosh and Posada Carilles? Plans on invading and forcing a US-puppet government on the Cuban people after Castro dies?

Are you ignorant of what is right in front of your eyes?

No, you are the one given to massive delusion.

Have you ever read an accurate history book? Geez.

Boli-Nica said...

For someone who complains mightily about the exploitation of the powerless, you really have a soft spot for leaders whose rule is based on brutal central power and who are informed by absolutist ideologies which are based on fundamental misconceptions, that inevitably lead to tyranny.

In the end you could not tell what the hell the Soviet Union or Nazi Germanies true intentions were, except through the propaganda of their leaders or when their boot hit you in the face. In the U.S. the past 60 years, you could figure it out by reading the papers - even the Communist ones.

That is the difference between free societies and non-free socities.

Anonymous said...

The only 'freedom' Boli-Nica wants is the freedom to pay his workers minimum wage or less (whatever the 'free' market will bear, huh Boli?). I've seen his type many times in the last 40 years and the only thing they give a damn about is the 'right' to make as much as they can off of others' predicament. When your freedom loving ex-Cuban (they don't deserve to be called Cubans), gusanos blew up that airliner killing 73 young Cuban soccer players... didn't you just jump for joy? When Fidel does pass away I really hope you're one of the first off the plane at Jose Marti airport. Just think-you'll be surrounded by millions of Cubans just begging for the pearls of wisdom you have to offer about how to organize their society.

Boli-Nica said...

It was fencers not soccer players you idiot.

and I am not Cuban, as you can tell by my intro.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Amigo boli-nica,i'm warning you that you are under red fire.
First, follow writing your own idea, second don't loose time and gut answering to red mafia, and third close you comment section: it shows only how much they are aggressive and you ingenuous; they don't respect you nor anybody, it's an asimetrical fight...
With simpathy...

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct, it apparently was the fencing team (according to and not a soccer team as has been reported by several sources. What a grievious error!!

Anonymous said...
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