Monday, July 03, 2006

The War On Terrorism: The Miami Morons

Last week the good burghers of Miami were shocked to learn about a home-grown Al Qaeda cell right in their midst. These monsters were apparantly planning on blowing up targets including the Sears Tower.

Or at least, that is what you would first think upon watching the hysterical coverage on Fox and CNN, or reading the shrill propagandists on the blogosphere.

Truth be told, you have to be either blind, deluded, truly stupid, or Ann Coulter, to seriously believe that the clowns who called themselves "The Sons of David" that the feds dragged in front of the media in Miami was anything close to an Al-Qaeda cell. That much was clear by day two of media coverage.

Cynics have already pointed out that the timing of the announcement was extremely suspicious, since most the U.S. media just happened to be in town covering the Miami Heat. That way the administration had a ready-made gaggle of journalists on hand to put on a show.

More sober analysts like The Economist - hardly a left wing rag- point out that these idiots were a collection of misfits who had organized a visible "community group", who wandered around Miami's Overtown neighborhood dressed in robes, ski-masks and turbans, hardly the skilled undercover operatives who blend quietly and invisibly into their surroundings. Their "Islamism" was a mixed bag of Muslim, Christian and Jewish beliefs, which hardly seems to fit Bin Laden's preference for stict Sunni fanatics, and naming themselves after the militaristic Jewish king would hardly endear them to the Jihadists.

As far as any alleged contacts between Al-Qaeda, the indictment says they had contacted Al-Qaeda, but apparently the contact was a government snitch, who was implanted there by the government when it got information on the alleged plot through --- yes that same government snitch. Seems these Al-Qaeda wannabees were more intent on getting the $50,000 dollars in cash from the informer than in blowing up the intersection of Jackson and Wacker Drive in Chicago's Loop.
Were they evil plotters or just dotty wishful thinkers?

EVEN for a bunch of hapless wannabes, the seven young men charged in Miami late last week were in a confused league of their own. The group, which got together last November, is accused of having sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda and of planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, as well as the FBI's Miami field office. But even the FBI's deputy director, John Pistole, describes the alleged terrorists as “aspirational rather than operational”

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