Monday, August 01, 2005

T.V.-Hating Castro thugs Get Smacked By Angry Cubans

Don't be messin' with that T.V., people get real pissy.
Castro's thugs tried confiscating a TV set in La Habana, and got beat down. I was watching Lucia Newman on Univision Newscast, the other day and she showed a group of neighbors sitting outside their homes running a T.V. by a generator rigged to a truck engine. They were way into the shows, and were bitching openely about Castro, and how the power went off continually.
This past week, a whole neighborhood of Cubans in Havana fought off castro's sweaty little communist agents in grubby black leather jackets for trying to confiscate one of their television sets. A line was crossed - into the intolerable - when the bastards tried to steal the television set for the "crime" of watching American television programs. Who were these resistors to communism? Ordinary Cubans, and maybe, like Ibis, watching Law & Order by satellite dish. They beat the castroite thugs back and chased them out in a real revolutionary act. Over this ordinary pleasure.