Monday, August 22, 2005

Nicaragua: Lewitzes Gets Endorsement of Splinter Sandinista Party

Herty Lewitzes, the popular ex-Mayor of Managua, just got the endorsement of the Movimiento Renovador Sandinista (MRS), a breakaway faction of the FSLN (Sandinista Front), that also announced it was abandoning Convergencia Nacional, coalition it has with the Sandinistas since 2001. Stories in Spanish from the Nuevo Herald, here and here.

Lewitzes was expelled from the FSLN, for challenging Daniel Ortega and launching his candidacy for President, at a time when he was leading Ortega in national polls.

Lewitzes, was first oficially nominated by the Partido Alternativa Cristiana, a mostly evangelical party. He seems to be putting together a fairly broad-based coalition, and will certainly need the ex-Sandinista network at the grassroots to effectively challenge the FSLN and the liberals come election.


Anonymous said...

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Larry said...

What does an evanlegical party do supporting communists? That sounds strange, at least.

Jay said...

The man knows what he is writing about. If you don't understand or like it, please move on. "Anon", your mother called, said she needs to burp you before bed.

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