Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bolivian Polls - Is Jaime Paz Backing Quiroga? Evo looking for Veep.

Ex-President and MIR honcho, Jaime Paz Zamora apparently met with Jorge Tuto Quiroga in Tarija. According to La Razon, after the meeting Paz Zamora said that the MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria) should withdraw from the Presidential Race.

Paz Zamora claims he is "more worried" about MIR winning the Prefect positions in the departments of the country, since "Bolivia today demands that politics be transferred to the Departments". The new convert to neo-autonomism, of course is running for Prefect of gas-rich Tarija.

Hormando Diaz Vaca, President of the Senate, aspirant to MIR leadership, and Presidential-wannabee, is having none of it, calling the idea 'absurd' and claiming that "MIR has to participate, since those who don't participate, die."

"La Bolivia de hoy exige que la política se traslade a los departamentos. Estoy más preocupado de ganar las prefecturas de Santa Cruz, Potosí, Oruro y la de Tarija ni qué se diga, porque la Bolivia que viene es autonómica, la Bolivia que se va es centralista", manifestó ex el mandatario.
El aún presidente del Senado, Hormando Vaca Díez, quien se perfila como el sustituto de Paz Zamora, calificó de "absurda" la propuesta de marginarse de las nacionales y añadió que "el MIR tiene que participar porque el que no participa muere".

On the one hand it makes a lot of sense, since MIR and Quiroga's positions on most issues are indistinguishable, and plus they all hate Evo. Vaca on the other hand wants to be Prez.

Now speaking of Evo, he now claims he is looking for a "social-movement" type as his running mate. Conventional wisdom had the MAS leader looking for a Santa Cruz VP candidate to balance the ticket geographically.

And talking of self-serving statements made by VP-wanabees, El Alto Mayor,José Luis Paredes claims he he agrees, with Jorge Quiroga on many issues, adding that the voters who backed him as Mayor of El Alto were not the type of voters who support Quiroga.