Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Evo Wants To Nationalize Gas Industry and Industrialize

Evo, at the act celebrating Garcia Linera's nomination to be his VP candidate, gave some indications of what his policies would be if elected to the presidency. This is quoted in the Nuevo Herald.

He clearly said he would nationalize the gas industry, as well as all other natural resources, and all public services.

He also said that instead of exporting gas, it would be used to "industrialize" the country.

I'm, wondering if that neo-luddite Garcia Linera agrees with the "industrialization" part of the speech.

This is about the stupidest campaign platform coming out of Latin America in recent years.

Bolivia's gas industry expanded due to innovative private-public partnerships, which led to the discoveries of the 1990's. Evo's movement has succeeded in setting this industry back several years, if he is elected it will simply be the coup de grace.


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