Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Latina Author

Well not necesarilly new, but newly published.
Xenia Ruiz an Afro-Latina author from Chicago, just celebrated the publishing of her "debut" novel Choose Me" from Warner Books/Walk Worthy Press. Though considered to be in the "Christian" genre, the book has attracted good reviews from the mainstream press for its vivid portrayals of the two main characters, a Puertoriqueña and an Afro-American man. Was tipped off to this by Babalu . It looks like a good read, here is a sample chapter from the authors web page. I am also interested on her take on Chicago's N.W. side, Humbolt Park and Logan Square, an area I lived in for years.

One review from her blog:

“Narrated in the alternating voices of Adam and Eva, Ruiz's novel mixes a conversational tone with realistic, flawed characters to create a refreshing story of love and reaffirming faith.”

—Library Journal