Friday, August 19, 2005

Hundreds of Cubans and Venezuelans "Lost In Paraguay"

File this one under "things that make me go hmmmmm" from the New Heraldo

The Paraguayan government is looking for 150 Cubans, 120 Venezuelans, and roughly the same number of Colombians who entered the country with 90 day tourist visas, and overstayed by two months. Local authorities want to see where they are living, what work they do, and why they continue to be in the country.

Some sources are claiming that this has something to do with Rumsfelds visit.

And the Cuban ambassador also said that the Cuban embassy is also investigating what her compatriots are doing here.

She also, helpfully pointed out that it costs a lot of money for Cubans to fly out of the country.

Yeah right!!!!

--- unless someone didn't get briefed....

I smell a rat, or at least 150 of them.

It might help if they look in Bolivia.

Could it be that some of those Colombians and Venezuelans are actually Cubans?

Whatever the speculation, one fact is crystal clear: it is extremely difficult for ordinary Cubans to get permission to leave the island, and to have that kind of money to leave the island. The ones who do travel freely, often have some sort of official capacity. That 150 of them, with tourist visas, arrive in Paraguay with its multiple borders is cause for concern.

And people get all riled up about 150 or so American troops there.


Anonymous said...

oh your small limited caveman... cook up gossip you rediculous idiot.

Boli-Nica said...

Article: Spanish version of Miami Herald, reprinted from AP cable. Sources consulted, Cuban Ambassador who on the record confirms there are Cubans who entered Paraguay with tourist visas.

FACT: Cubans are restricted from leaving Cuba.

Sources and facts presented. Your petty comments indicate you have no proper rebuttal.

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