Monday, August 15, 2005

Nicaraguan Boxer Wins Title, Dedicates Fight To Ortega, Don King Makes Money

Ricardo Mayorga, the 23 year-old Nicaraguan boxer won the World Boxing Council's Super Welterweight belt from Italian, Michele Piccirillo in Chicago's United Center.

He dedicated the fight to Daniel Ortega, and wore Red and Block shorts (Sandinista color). Ortega to great fanfare received the new champ at the airport.

Mayorga did say in La Prensa that his relationship with Ortega is simply that of a friend, and is non-political. Ortega is helping the boxer, who has a pending rape charge in Nicaragua.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, stick to sports, sports freak. That's all you know about. Stay off politics, your ignorance is offensive to the public.

Anonymous said...

Mayorga is actually 31 years old, which makes the rape charge against him all the more despicable. The girl in question is 21 or 22. Daniel Ortega keeps good company.

Juanson said...

Seems unlikely that he'll get punished. Kobe got off the hook here.

Anonymous said...

Mayorga fought out of poverty and he's been at the top already. He needs no more money in Nicaragua you can retire nice with only $100,000 and he has clearly made bigger purses over $2,000,000 all together. Anything else is just extra. He's gonna kick ass, by the way Tito Trinidad paid him $5 mil to drop the fight.

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