Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chile -- New Charges Filed Against Secret Police Chief

As I have said before Pinochet's regime really creeps me out. I've heard accounts of some truly sinister things being done to human beings in Chilean dungeons after the coup, and during that regimes existence.

Yet only now are some Chileans are still coming to grips with this dark legacy, it took corruption charges against Pinochet to wake up those on the right.
As the B.B.C. reports, there are new charges against the Secret Police Chief:

A Chilean judge has laid new charges against General Pinochet's former secret police chief, Manuel Contreras.

They concern the 1974 disappearance of eight political prisoners at the Villa Grimaldi torture centre.

Court documents described barbaric detention facilities at the centre where some prisoners were held in small wooden boxes.

Contreras is already in prison, after being convicted over the 1975 disappearance of a left-wing activist.

Human rights groups have welcomed the sweeping resolution and say more charges should be laid as some 300 people disappeared at the centre.

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