Thursday, August 18, 2005


Is just a plain dumbass.

ITS 2005!!!

Quit recycling old outdated garbage, there is no elusive "third way" you tools.

I am sick of these idiots, changing definitions, or hiding behind opposition to the bogeymen of "Neo-Liberalism", and "Globalization".

Listen Lemmings, the free market works, government control and planning of the economy at the macro scale DOES NOT WORK.

People should take a look at what happened in Eastern Block countries and Yugoslavia from the 60's to the 80's, all sorts of experiments in trying to find a 'third way' or to introduce 'market socialism'. IT DID NOT WORK!!!!


commyBOO! said...

OK, this is just too hilarious, here's my list of what you have shown on this blog:

- you are fearful (anything different, scares you)
- you are a chauvinist (readers: read his comments on the girls)
- you have a huge inferiority complex
- you are a racist (see your last posting)

"...Like some Colla's you are hypocritical and..."

- you are deeply ignorant
- you are uneducated
- you are pretentious
- you are a fake "american" and you HATE that
- you probably "look" white and that bothers you that you are not real. LOL
- you feel superior to "Collas" (by the way, that would be Collas not Colla's, ignorant)
- you are deeply prejudiced
- you are a pseudoconservative, I'm surprised you are not in TExas protecting your master Bush's ranch form that "evil woman" who lost her son in that war your kind started.
- you admire the cuacasians, you wish you were one
- you are fascist, a new kind fo fascist, like your lover "Rummy"
- Given your record, most likely you are homophobe too, I bet!.. are you Boli??
- you are a follower
- you are a kiss-up to your "white" culture
- you feel ashamed
- you have a childish fear socialism, comunism or anything that would threaten your toys away
- you are a pedantic, parroquial and petty idiot
- you hate to be non-caucasian
- your world is microscopic
- you feel shame in the fact that your spanish is better than your english, this cracks me up LOL>>>
- you don't even feel shame because you sit in your confortable house while others do the work, but it bothers you and you don't know why. You imbecil. LOL
- you are pathetic and funny.
- you are beyond hipocracy
- you actually lie to yourself and beleive it.

- if you had a wife (if you do, I feel sorry for her) you are most likely a wife beater, you fill the profile, nicely! (Sports freak, ignorant and "acomplejado", wow, chances are you ARE a wife beater!)

Boli-whatever: you are a feaful rat with an inferiority complex, I can bet money that you are a closet gay too. Are you gay and feel ashamed of it?

Why do you show so much anger? don't you realize that your fear is just way too obvious?

Wake up little man. LOL..

Anonymous said...

little boy boli,you are a legend in your own little mind.

commyBOO! said...

and the funny thing is that this ignorant boli thinks that fascism (state+corporation) is the best and only way, what an obtuse little brain!!

Boli is the most ignorant blogger, LOL..I'm amazed he can use the PC.

Boli-Nica said...

Hola Lemmings!!!

O mejor los llamo los retras,

Talk about morons!!!! I'll bet you dumbasses somehow think socialism can work.


DANG! you boys are pretty stupid

commyBOO! said...

interesting to see how you handle yourself, as a poli-science-latinamerican history-LAWyer... LOL

You probably believe the crap you put out and that makes you a freak.


commyBOO! said...

you should remove the photo of that poor animal, you insult it by claiming it as your portrait, you fool!!


Boli-Nica said...

, interesting to see how you handle yourself, as a poli-science-latinamerican history-LAWyer... LOL

You probably believe the crap you put out and that makes you a freak.


dood, talk about cave-dwellers - you are the flat-earth society member here.


Yeah right, tell me another fairy tale you gomer.

I've seen the shit NOT WORK in Nicaragua, while you were probably hanging out with mommy and daddy in Calacoto.

commyfool! said...

I need a new boyfriend.

Christian Larsen said...

oh, that's good. i was seriously worried that we should divert funding from the military and destabilizing speculative capital flows back into things like global immunizations, family planning, small-scale agriculture and infrastructure improvements and renewable energy development.

but apparently the value of all that kind of social planning has been "disproven" by history and brilliant theorists. good thing i read this instead of going on believing in all this "socialist" nonsense!

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