Thursday, August 11, 2005

Colombia 3: IRA guys Create Headaches For Everybody

Props to my old buddy and fellow Champ Car addict, SOD, for the link. The 3 IRA guys who were accused in Colombia of working with the narco-guerillas, and who have been con victed of carrying false passaports, jumped bail and appeared in the Irish Republic. Due to the Irish Republic's role in Northern Ireland's on-going peace negotiations, this comes at a particularly bad time for the Irish Republic to be dealing with this situation. Their was initial suspicion that this appearance, was due to a secret deal with the U.K. which was promptly denied. The B.B.C. talks about the tough time ahead, facing the government the next couple of months.


Anonymous said...

sports freaks talking politics. This is true comedy.


sod said...

The 3 guys have created big political difficulties here. Both Irish & UK govts have got an agreement from the IRA to destroy their weapons. There is now big pressure on the Irish govt to extradite the 3 men, well let's face it the Colomia n govt has evidence to suggest that they broke their laws, and Sinn Fein wants the men to go free, because they believe that their guys should be immune from prosecution (Sinn Fein ARE that arrogant).

The US govt regards the 3 men as being fugatives from Colombia. We'll see how it plays out. If Sinn Fein get their way it sets precedents where IRA members can go around the world engage in terrorist/criminal activities (not linked in any way to their own 'struggle') then claim immunity from prosecution.

Boli-Nica said...

But wouldn't their activities have to fall under the scope of "official" IRA activities, in order to be eligible for any sort of amnesty?

And since these acts occured outside of Ireland, were directed at a third party non-combatant country, when the I.R.A. was purportedly following a cease fire, wouldn't this be considered criminal activity?

I just saw Adams talk about taking a hardline against IRA members who commited criminal acts like running protection rackets and killing that one Catholic guy.

sod said...

The acts have to fall under 'offical' IRA /terrorist activities to avail of an amnesty. Upon release from prsion anyone who re-engages in terrorist activites goes staright back.

The argument that Sinn fein are using to keep the men free are that of Colombia's civil rights abuses and that the Irish govt has an obligation to protect its own citizens. Oh dear, once again Sinn fein think that they're above the law , I think they should try to prove to the Colombians that those guys are innocent rather than try to circumvent the laws of another country.

Adams has to say things about demanding that the IRA cease criminal activites & punishment beatings. The IRA has so much control over their own community and they dont seem to want to loosen their grip on it.

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