Friday, August 11, 2006

Weekend At Boli's: Some Old School Spanish Hip Hop

Vidz for u kidz,  remember who came first.  ...
Before Yankee and anyone else, you had El General...
El General, Juana
.. >..>

Clasico....Kid Frost, La Raza

When you see the Nike commercial, remember where the song came from
Delinquent Habits, Return of the Tres
.. >..>

First Real Bi-Lingual Rap to hit big, Mellow Man Ace, Mentirosa -

Llegaron los meros, meros,
Cypress Hill, Insane in The Brain,
.. >..>

Hand on the Pump
.. >..>

A real legend, the much missed  Big Punisher .
Big Pun, Still Not a Player...
.. >..>