Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CUBA, CASTRO CORPSE WATCH: Comeback Corpse poses with Chavez

It Lives....
Granma now published other pictures of Castro with Raul and Chavez, titling it "An Afternoon Among Brothers." according to AFP. The B.B.C. further quotes the Granma article, saying the meeting was termed "Three Hours of Emotional Exchange" the "photos show gifts being exchanged and the two leaders eating what Granma called a "frugal snack".

Simon Bolivar Slept Here
Included in the gifts that Chavez brought Fidel are valuable pieces belonging to Simon Bolivar. One wonders if this was done with full consent of the Venezuelan government. Think of Bush giving away one-of-a-kind articles once owned by George Washington.

Cuba's Fidel Castro turns 80 unseen, but still making waves

The New York Times story, reprinted in the Detroit News here, pretty much says that the system does not necesarilly hang on "one man." And it seems that Castro is gone from power:

Castro made no vows to return to office. Julia Sweig, an expert on Cuba at the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan organization, predicted he would not. But rather than making an abrupt departure from power, she said, Castro has begun a drawn-out campaign aimed at keeping the country stable while aides quietly work out the details of the nation's first transition in recent history.

Raul Finally Appears
Also noteworthy according to AFP was Raul Castro finally making his appearance.

Original Appearance

Basically the messageas set out Sun-Sentinel
HAVANA--On his 80th birthday, Fidel Castro cautioned Cubans on Sunday that he faced a long recovery from surgery and advised them to prepare for ``adverse news,'' as the Communist Youth newspaper published the first photographs of the leader since his illness.
Text of Fidel Castro's message from the Newspaper Rebel Youth, as translated by The Miami Herald.