Tuesday, August 15, 2006

BOLIVIA, EVO WATCH: Evo Sings Happy Birthday To Castro, Wants Casro-Like Constitution For Bolivia.

Evo Sings While Bolivia Boils

While the bedridden Cuban tyrant, was subjected to the horrors coming from Hugo Chavez mouth,
El Herald reports that Evo Morales belted out his own rendition of Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) dedicated to the octogenarian Communist dictator. Evo's backup chorus: about a thousand coca growers gathered at the inaguration of hospital.
Meanwhile just about everything else in the Evo-Government seems to be going to hell:
Fear Of An Aymara Planet?
A draft of the proposed Evo-Constitution has been leaked, the full text is here. The inspiration of Chavez and the ailing fossil he was babysitting in Havana are all over it. Arguably it even goes beyond Chavismo, its stupidity is simply astounding.

The preamble openly states the aim of establishing "communal and socialist" rights, and declares its opposition to "imperialism" and "colonialism." It eliminates the executive, legislative and executive, replacing it with five "popular" powers, vaguely including native peoples - who are already granted self-rule under municipal law. Further, in rather Orwellian terms the Evo Constitution, "recognizes" freedom of expression so long as it "conforms to the ends of a socialist and communitarian society." It seems to allow for expropriation of any real or personal property, under any circumstance the government sees fit - subject to "due indemnization."

While this neo-totalitarian project was being cooked up by whatever dinasours and idiots who drafted it, the Evo-Government was playing dirty trying to change rules. Under their proposed scheme any substantive item in the constituent assembly needed only a bare majority to be approved. That on top of the Evo government attempting to give the Constituent assembly all-encompassing powers, to the point where he was asked if he would give up the government.

This government lied, its campaign literature did not go so far. Fortunately their incompetence is catching up with them, and this project might not go too far.