Monday, August 07, 2006


Going Off The Rails On The Crazy Train

Did He Leave Anything Out?

Lunatic did his TV show "Alo Presidente" yesterday for the first time since before the World Cup. He pretty much summarized his maniacal trip around the world, and let loose:

Justified his recalling Israel's ambassador due to Israel's fight against Hizbullah, which he called a "genocide" and a "new holocaust." this coming from a man who received an award from the Holocaust-denying President of Iran, who is trying to acquire nuclear weapons - and whose proxies in Lebanon started this whole mess.

Said he was going to install an air defense system that would be "the most modern in the world."

He got a live call-in from Evo. Chavez said that Castro is standing and doing allright.

This after
He bought a whole bunch of weapons in Russia, including 100,000 Kalashnikov's, which he probably could have bought much cheaper on the international arms market.
And he has already talked about getting some sort of ballistic missile systems.

When it really comes down to it, Chavez is buying stuff that is somewhat outdated. The U.S. simply has too much firepower available in the Caribbean, not to mention the entire anti-narcotics detection and interdiction capabilities. He is pretty much stuck in his borders by Brazil which has a very large military, and Colombia whose battle-tested army is a formidable foe. His saber-rattling is pretty hollow, but it does act to push military spending up in the area, since it gives neighboring military's excuses to request more toys. So it just acts as another waste of money.

Pic From Daniel, Venezuela News And Views