Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bolivia, Cuba: Aymara Ceremony Performed For Castro Health

Now, This Will Really Kill Him

Unions and peasant organizations in Bolivia performed an Aymara religious ritual to pray for the recovery of Fidel Castro. The ceremony attended by the Cuban Ambassador was performed at over 12,000 feet. The invocation covered all basis, addressed "God and Pachamama" (earth goddess), asking that "the health of president Fidel Castro" so Brother Fidel will get better and that will be a slap to imperialism."

Evo while not present at this rite, says he hopes Castro will be broken from his "trance" to resume the "anti-imperialist" fight.
Meanwhile the demons who actually ended up being invoked through this pagan ceremony, declared that they already have a spot in hell for Fidel, so they decided to demur on taking any action, aside from talking through Evo as they always do.