Thursday, May 11, 2006

Whose Your Papi? Name Lou Dobbs Love Child

These jokers out of Los Angeles' top rated English language Latino radio talk show, The Pocho Hour of Power on KPFK 90.7 FM , Fridays at 4pm, have a contest for undocumented workers:


[The] first undocumented immigrant to name their U.S. born child "Lou Dobbs," before September 16 th, 2006, will win $500.00 worth of baby nursery items from participating East Los Angeles merchants supporting the Name Your Baby Lou Dobbs Challenge."


Lou Dobbs is the pompous windbag who unloads on undocumented aliens every f!%cking day on CNN. At one point it appears he was a decent business reporter, but just started getting wackier starting with an anti-trade and protectionist crusade that at first won him props on the left, but his dogmatic views and lack of balance weirded them out pretty quick. When bad economist populism didn't produce monster ratings -and as his feeble mind rotted away - he added an equally relentless anti-immigration crusade to the mix. Dobbs continues to be strident and bombastic, makes no pretense of objectivity, puts questionable guests whom he identifies as experts and/patriots.
This lunacy has people across the political spectrum wondering variously about the guys sense, views, and sanity. FAIR on the left calls him out, and on the other side the National Association of Manufacturers has an on-going blog Dobbs Watch that chronicles the madness. The normally measured, Andres Oppenheimer, has referred to him openly as leading the "wave of Latin bashing that has filled the air waves over the past two years," angering Latinos and energizing them across the country.

[H]ow would you feel if you were an undocumented Mexican gardener returning home after a 12-hour workday, turned on the TV set, put your feet on the coffee table and came across CNN's Dobbs warning America that you are a potential health risk, in addition to being a potential terrorist, a possible secessionist agent, who on top of everything is taking away American jobs?
On March 30, an alarmed Dobbs informed his audience that ''diseases are making an unfortunate comeback in the United States'' because of illegal immigration. On March 31, Dobbs alerted America that some Mexicans ''want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the southwestern United States given over to Mexico,'' and that they are using illegal immigrants ``as an army of invaders to achieve the takeover.''

Dobbs is a world-class idiots, who takes statements by three idiots, and blows it way out of proportion. Worst part is, this character is on CNN, which has that whole Darth Vader-voice-credibility. Anti-immigration lemmings all over the US get ammunition for their cause by repeating the rants of their hero.

.....Anyway...I will get off my soapbox and say that this contest rocks!! certainly be a proud PAPI. Maybe he can hire a fine American worker to change both Juniors diapers and daddy's Depends (tm) and colostomy bag.

Hey The Baby comes with warranty!!

•Baby promises to gurgle adorably, work cheaply
Baby Lou Dobbs thanks you and sends you his love! Baby Lou Dobbs promises to work hard for the American dream, even at below minimum wages for extended hours with no overtime. Baby Lou Dobbs promises to pay his taxes, to diligently report for jury duty and to always wash his hands before returning to work.

Helpful Suggestions:

Other acceptable nicknames for "Lou Dobbs" in the Name Your Baby Lou Dobbs Challenge are, Potato Head, Beaner Town Boogie Man and Y.T. Bashaspick.


Dobbsh@t, works great too.

Source: Vivir Latino


Anonymous said...

I agree this fat fuck does nothing but rant on mexicans every day, I like his views on exporting jobs overseas, but his rants and bullshit on inmigrants gets old really quickly.

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