Monday, May 01, 2006

Classic Spanish Rock Videos: Aterciopelados & Soda Stereo

Some of the biggest classics of Spanish rock from two of my all-time favorite artists. Props to YouTube, some of these videos are hard to find, not even Mun2 has some of them.

Aterciopelados, Andrea rocks hard in Florecita Rockera one of their anthems, which they reworked later on. Rocking on with Baracunatana

Taking it trippier and slower....Andrea is kinda fed-up or hasta la coronilla en Bolero Falaz, then clearly confused in Rompecabezas

Soda Stereo the late great Argentinian Band that basically set the standard. No more cheesy imitations of American and British bands, these guys rocked in any language.

The anthem.... Musica Ligera, then done live as the last song in their last concert in front of a huge Buenos Aires Crowd, Ceratti closing with his now iconic phrase Gracias Totales As a very new wavish 80's band doing another classic, Persiana Americana. At the top of their powers in the late 80's with La Ciudad De La Furia.

Not done yet....

From their last two studio albums, you have the Beatlesque, Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como Un Revolver, the My Bloody Valentine-meets-Charly Garcia sounding Primavera Cero.. and the trippy Zoom.

Wrap it up with Soda Stereo unplugged, from their MTV Unplugged Album with Andrea from Aterciopelados doing La Ciudad De La Furia.