Friday, May 12, 2006

Rock N' Boli Friday: The Replacements Live

The'Mats: fast, loud, sometimes sloppy, but always great

If you like basic rock n' roll and want to see a great band, when they were just starting out this is how you do it.

1981 figuring out how to play their instruments, some shindig for the label, so they prolly weren't that wasted. Pretty much a chunk of Sorry Ma and some other stuff that ended up in Stink. Great footage...

Goddamn Job(off Stink)/Junior's Got A Gun<

Takin' A Ride/Staples In Her Stomach/Careless

kick your door down

86 mainly a sound check before a show, not the greatest recordings either......I almost didn't wanna include 'em......but it prolly is one of the last times they played w/Bob Stinson. So you know they were wasted and pissed at each other. A Buddy Holly Cover and Bastards of Young.

Color Me Impressed

That'll Be The Day


Bastards Of Young