Monday, May 01, 2006

Speaking of "Songs" For the Protest

The so-called Spanish Anthem is a joke. Should never had called it the Spanish "Star Spangled Banner", it is in fact a totally different song.
Don't mess with national symbols people hold sacred, particularly at this stage of the game. Having Gloria Trevi, Mexican Citizen and felon, participate on it is just stupid. A.B. Quintanilla of the Kumbia Kings, got in trouble in Mexico, because as a tribute to his heritage he put a Mexican flag image on his bass. Ran afoul of a law that prohibits desacration of "National Symbols". Trevi would never do this to the Mexican anthem, she should just STFU.
Much more dignified and personal is the song that Arjona did with Intocable, Mojado


Nahu said...

But are the symbols what people should hold sacred or the intent behind said symbols?

Boli-Nica said...

The issue is do you do something that is going to inflame a lot of people who hold this symbol (the anthem) sacred, including many people who have fought for the country???

No, because you do not want to do something that can be that offensive to a group of people, unless you stand to gain something.. Here no one wins, and we have people look like crap.

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