Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush On Immigration Speech

Bush was actually ok.

So we get 6,000 national guard at the border??

Was that a bone tossed at the right and the anti-immigration lemmings?

Better hope they have geiger counters and chem weapon detection capabilities. That is the "unsafe" part of the border that concerns me.

Is this guest worker program comprehensive??? Seemed to me he is simply arguing for a "temporary" with no measures so folks can become permanent residents. The id card is not a bad idea.

If he is arguing for a temporary worker program, providing for 400,000 permits, split 75-25 b/ween Mexico and Central and South America, that might be a start.

Then, you can bring down the enforcement, and then you get Mexico aboard to seal the border.

Nice response by Dick Durbin, sounded tough enough and noncomittal either way on immigration, got in a dig at Dubya over the National Guard, then got out of there quick. Let the Republicans beat their brains out over it, it will be fun to watch. Could not have happened to a nicer bunch.


Nahu said...

Hmm yeah that sounds prudent, I hope the number of permits is open to expension, otherwise 400,000 will just keep both sides relatively quiet for a whil.

Matt said...

Did you hear his plans for the illegal aliens to become US citizens? I think it's fair they have to: pay a fine, learn English, pay income taxes, etc. Keep in mind in Mexico if you're caught there illegaly, you spend eight years in prison. You can't own land (if you're a foreigner), you can't hold the land in time share if it's close enough to the US-Mexican border. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

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