Friday, July 22, 2005

Shake it Shakira!!! Double-Crossover

Hispanic Trending, the invaluable Hispanic marketing site, reprints this Economist article about the Colombian singer-songrwiter-majorbabe.

Despite what Colombians, my little sister and cousins say, Shakira was initially sold to the larger Latin American public as "Jagged Little Pill" in Spanish, Alanis Morrisette screeches and all.

Luckily she broke out of that, did not date anyone from Full House, and showed she is an original artist in her own right. Her new song with Alejandro Sanz, La Tortura, has a pretty steamy video. I am curious to hear the rest of it, there is a collaboration with Gustavo Cerati, the former frontman for legendary Soda Stereo (In Spanish here)

What has been astounding has been how well her new album in Spanish has done. Her English debut did pretty well, but coming out with a Spanish album, Fijacion Oral, gearing it towards the mainstream market is a gutsy and shrewd move that is paying off. IIRC it debuted #4 on the Billboard album charts, which puts it as the highest chart debut for a Spanish language album.