Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Que Pasa Doc - Digo Chico?" Cubano Docs in Venezuela.

Gustavo Coronel has this fascinating tale about the large number of Cuban Doctors sent to Venezuela. As he reports a good number of other Cuban apparat-eros are also running around in the epicenter of Colonel Chavez' Bolivarian Revolution. For the Venezuelan's sake, I hope Fidel didn't export some of the same morons, the self-described 'planning experts', who ran around Sandinista-era Nicaragua, ordering around Nicaraguans - many of whom knew a thing or two about running actual business. One of the the funniest moments of my earlier existence - was hearing a high Sandinista official, in some trade/finance-related ministry, go on a drunken rant about Fidel's minions calling them Cubanos De Mierda.

But, I digress, I am talking about Cuban Doctors in Venezuela.

If there are all these thousands of Cuban Doctors out there, why doesn't Fidel rent their services out to places that lack Doctors?? These guys appear miserable enough to not take the Fidelista nonesense seriously. Bolivia and Nicaragua, among others, could benefit from getting medical care to places needing it. I hear the Cubans are pretty good at dealing with malnourishment. Seriously, double their salary, which is $186 a month now, and throw Fidel a hundred bucks fee, kind of like Temp agencies do. Have suckers like the Spanish or even that nasty Chavez himself pay for it from his oil money. Come to think of it, that is probably what Fidel is doing, pimping his Doctors to get some oil from Nephew Hugo.

Problem with having all those Cubans around is you end up with the obligatory, Seguridad/Department of the America's agents, but then again, you could also 'turn' them and pay them for security 'advice'.
Actually that brings up another point, I wonder what is going on with Castro's whole espionage rings in South America. Has Chavez also 'out-sourced' his espionage to hungry Cuban agents and sources?? Bet you he has, it wouldn't surprise me if he is able to keed the likes of Evo Morales well informed of what his rivals in the Bolivian Army, Government,and polity are doing.


leftside said...

My friend, Cuban doctors in Venezuela ARE in places where there where no doctors before. That is the point of the program - the Cubans are in the worst shanty's and remots rural hamlets. Places where doctors could not make money and therefore ignored.

You should aso know that Cuba is assisting Bolivia and Nicaragua as it is. I could not find exact numbers but Cuban doctors in those countries. But Cuba has today, over 17,000 doctors caring for patients in 65 countries. Plus the Latin American School of Medicine near Havana has trained over 40,000 health professionals from 123 countries, 30,000 of them from Africa, all of them free of charge, and under the sole condition that they return to their poor communities to render their services to their people.

In Honrudas, 900 Doctors saved over 100,000 lives during the past four years, by helping to halve its infant mortality rate.

You can read about a young Bolivian medical student in Cuba form a Miamia Herald article here:

Boli-Nica said...

I am thinking of Fidel sending even larger numbers out.

He does it because it also acts as pressure valve, letting some steam out. Highly educated people with beefs against the communists is not good for the bearded one.
Heck, there are female doctors in Cuba, who make more money as hookers,than they do in practice.

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