Monday, July 18, 2005

Barcepundit has this interesting post about what was behind the terror bombings in Madrid. As the Spanish press has reported, the bombings were clearly meant to influence the Spanish elections that brought Zapatero into office.

The document was recently found by police, according to the Cope radio network who has seen it. It says: "those who were suprised for our quick claim of responsibility in the battle of Madrid, let them know that there were other circumstances. In the case of Madrid, the time factor was very important in order to put an end to the government of Aznar the ignoble.

Barcepundit translates the entire text of the letter, as published in Spanish in ABC and further finds this confirmation.
"Let all know that we're a part of the so-called world order. We change states, we destroy others with Allah's help and even decide the future of the world's economy. We won't accept being mere passive agents in this world"

So these guys first of all took quick credit for the bombing - so as to make it clear it was the work of Islamist extremist, which might go against their modus operandi of most Al Qaeda operations. They influence the election. Then they are brazen enough to boast to the Spanish people and the World that their actions changed the election. They not only do that, but they further insult the Spanish by throwing in that the bombing was also payback for 1492.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Nicaragua. Can't find much info online. I know Bolanos is in trouble and Ortega is still stirring up trouble but I don't know much else.

Anonymous said...

Do not bother, this guy does not know what he is talking about. He thrives in missinformation, he's also known as japaza. Well, either it is the same ignorant or they are both so idiotic they sound like the same person.

Boli-Nica said...

, Anonymous said...
I'd love to hear your thoughts on Nicaragua. Can't find much info online. I know Bolanos is in trouble and Ortega is still stirring up trouble but I don't know much else.

Thanks for the suggestion,Bolivia just got so heated up, that I neglected to post more info on Nicaragua.

Bola~os is caught by an unlikely allaince, with Aleman and Ortega collaborating on taking away just about every power the President has. It seems to be the same Chavez/Morales, strategy of undermining elected governments, by making the country ungovernable, using elected bodies and mobilization of certain sectors.

Anonymous said...

I heard they are thinking of revising their constitution. That makes me nervous that foreign investors will lose their property if the Sandinistas have their way. Also, Chavez-Castro will have a stronger foothold in Central America. I'm an investor in Costa Rica and this worries me.

Do you think there's a realistic chance the Sandinistas will seize more power in the coming election?

Boli-Nica said...

The Sandinista faction around Ortega is too power-hungry - and has too many ties to business - to really do away with all private property.

This faction also has party discipline, which in a sense means they have to go down whatever road Ortega wants to go.

His power is also too dependent on the allaince with Aleman's liberals, who own a lot of stuff.

If Herty Lewitzes wins, he has shown he is enough of a pragmatist, and wants capital to continue to flow in.

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