Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mind of Mencia

I have liked Carlos' comedy from way back, he was hilarious when he did Loco Slam. At his best, he is a shrewd observer able to puncture through the complex fabric of American urban life. His everyman-multi-cultural-persona is able to riff equally on Latino's, Anglos, African-Americans among others. As a Central American - who grew up in East L.A., he brings a different take on Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. But, sometimes he does rely too much on scatological jokes.

His new show, The Mind of Mencia, at first seemed to reflect that split-personality, the first two episodes were kind of uneven - particularly his monologues. But he does seem to be hitting his stride now, the third episode was hilarious - particularly the skits which have always been funny. This looks promising for the future.

Lets just say that his show is funnier and better written than anything on Univision, which only shows those recycled Televisa, shows with old men dressed as gradeschoolers cliches. La Parodia has talented performers but no writers.