Friday, July 01, 2005


CAFTA has passed the Senate, as this Washington Post article explains.

Finally something good coming out of the White House, and the Dems have to play political hardball with it. I completely understand trying to stick it to Bush, but this is the wrong issue to do so with.
Further opening the way for integration between Central American and the US is a good thing. Increased investment in industry leads to job creation in countries that desperately need it, the alternative is everything simply going to China.

How many times do you hear about the lefties in the US bitching about new plants in 3rd World countries, with underpaid workers working long hours. But then again, creating a temporary job for an individual so he makes steady income for a couple of years, even if he then losses it, is much better than that individual sitting on his ass with kids starving.

Hey, I tolerated the whole NGO thing for the most part. Thinking as a lawyer working on a settlement, I want someone bitching about labor conditions and pay in the 3rd World, to pressure the dealmakers to actually include terms favorable to labor in the final treaty documents. But some of these groups, are outright intent on killing the treaty from an ideological standpoint, which IMO is absolutely stupid. Most coffee-shop leftists, third world groupies, and NGO types will claim victory and move on to the next area to mess with, actual consequences be damned. Ironically, these activists' short attention spans and very selective memory is pretty similar in attitude to the foreign policy establishment they so revile, they are how very gringo.


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