Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup: AY, AY, AY, AY....Mexico and Argentina put on a clinic

Too bad one of the Latin American teams had to go, really bad for Mexico,..but I am glad Argentina went through in the end, they have an awesome team - with some serious talent, and with their history can go out there and win the cup.

Mexico will now proceed to crucify their Argentinian coach and play the blame game endlessly. At least in this game, Lavolpe actually did a great job with some young players, they kept the Argentinians on their toes for 120 minutes - didn't clog the back,. and played good football in the mddle, and went up front with skill and guts. And even in overtime-they conceded a goal that was out of this world. But they didn't quit or collapse.
Rafa Marquez showed why he plays for the 2006 Champions League and La Liga Champions. He is a world class defender.

I hope Argentina beats the Germans.... The America's need to take care of business.