Friday, June 30, 2006

Paraguay - CHI-LA-VERT!!! Chilavert as Univision Broadcaster

One of the true delights of Univision's World Cup coverage has been former Paraguay goalkeeper, and 3 time world keeper of the year, Jose Luis Chilavert in the booth. The network hit a home run by putting him in the booth with play by play man Jorge Perez, who has an easy command of both the true and tested style of Latin American soccer broadcasting, in addition to the hip, smart-aleck, -but knowledgeable- new-school style ESPN pioneered. The result is a lively and entertaining broadcast. Chila, always outspoken and brash, is a serious student of the game and an incisive commentator. All those years in top leagues and international play, defending his goal, organizing and motivating defenders, and taking free kicks, have clearly left him with a rich understanding, that few people have. Even fewer people are able to break it down like he does - put it across in a rapid fire broadcast - while also talking about a fun night at the bar in Munich was.