Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tasty Rumor -- Where Evo Gets His $$$

Dudes at Petroleumworld have a really biting section, En Voz Baja, where they post rumors and cocktail party gossip. Since they are gas and oil insiders they do have fairly good sources.

This gem, has people in Argentina abuzz about some of Evo's allies. Seems like associations linked to him money-wise- have been very active in Buenos Aires' wholesale produce market recently. At a recent cocktail party for the out-going Venezuelan ambassador, some invitees expressed their astonishment at the sums of money these guys are flashing around quite openly. Bolivian wholesalers dominate the produce markets in BA, but Evo's buddies have recently began forming cooperatives south of Buenos Aires, in ever increasing numbers.

The produce market is known for being a cash and carry market. Seems like they can
clean up
, more than the market, if you know what I mean. Then Evo with a straight face can say his support comes from Bolivian businessmen abroad. yeah right......


Venezuela-insider said...

Right story, wrong conclusion.

What happens in Buenos Aires is this: Hugo Chavez is financing Evo Morales through Argentina.

Under the guiding hand of Freddy Balzán, for a while Venezuela's
ambassador to Argentina, a group
of Bolivian Evo Morales supporters were instructed to set up wholesale produce coops. These are all-cash businesses. The proceeds from these businesses, millions of dollars, are mingled with the Freddy Balzán supplied funds (Chavez's money), and sent to Evo Morales to fuel the takeover in Bolivia.

Summing it up, it is basically the Chavez regime's way of laundering money through an all cash business. And make it appear as though Evo Morales gets his support from Bolivians in Argentina rather than directly from the Venezuelan strongman.

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