Friday, June 17, 2005

Sue Em!!! Evo And Company Could Be Facing Lawsuit,

The La Paz Federation of Private Enterprises ( Federación de Empresarios Privados de La Paz (FEPLP) and Bolivian singer Adrián Barrenechea will be starting legal proceedings against those responsible for the movilizations that paralized La Paz and El Alto for three weeks, and that caused, among other things, the closing of at least 80 businesses.

Bernd Abendroth, quoted in La Razon, named as defendants in this soon to be filed action, Roberto de La Cruz, the El Alto assemblyman, the FEJUVE president Abel Mamani, labor leader, Edgar Patana, and Evo Morales.

The civil charges cited, translate roughly as: unlawful interference with free transit, and commerce, unlawful interference against public transportation, as well as penal code violations such as public instigation to commit crimes and failure to help.

The singer seems pretty peeved because he had an accident while travelling from the airport, and was not allowed by the crowds to continue on to La Paz. He says that he is filing his suit, 'in the name of the children at the Childrens hospital, in the name of the sick at the General Hospital who did not receive oxygen, gas to prepare their food. In the name of pedestrians who were attacked solely for wearing a tie...." and so on and so forth.

All the 'defendants' denied committing any crimes.

This should be interesting. If Goni can be on trial for his alleged actions against the 03 demonstrators, why not Evo and Company for the mess they caused just recently???


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