Wednesday, June 08, 2005

MABB has a pretty good summary of whats going on today. BBC has an item, where Mesa says that the country might be heading towards civil war.

Other news with links, include La Razon's report that leftists do not want Vaca to take the reins

Barrioflores, talks about the US reaction, which puts part of the blame on Mr. Chavez. Personally, I think Chavez' rhetoric and money, adds a lot of fuel to the fire, but Bolivians hardly need encouragement. Evo, has his own 'special' buddies with hard cash.
The granola leftie crowd, do have their grubby little paws all over this mess. They have been indoctrinating the locals, with their globaloney talk for a while.

Miners and Cops clash, as La Razon reports, five hours of tear gas on one side, and dinamite on the other. Some miner blew his hand off, Oops!

Now here is another ugly side to this whole protest 'movement' that the third world groupies don't mention. La Razon reports that there is little food in La Paz and whatever is there is high priced.

Meanwhile in the East, La Razon reports that MAS affiliated peasants took over 7 gas and oil wells in Santa Cruz

La Razon says that Cruce~o 'militants' or 'para-militaries' depending on your point of view, had a smackdown with MAS-affiliated peasants/native people's, blocking Santa Cruz routes. First of all, there are many 'colonists' in the area, namely highland residents whom previous governments encouraged to move to the region decades ago, there are also native Guarani Indians. Evo and MAS have a following there, and these are mainly the folks blocking roads out there.

But it looks like that hasn't worked out too well, since only one road remains blocked. I wonder Sta. Cruz' idea of 'self help' will escalate to full-blown paramilitaries.