Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday in Bolivia....


Bloomberg says Repsol investors want out of Argentina and Bolivia. Don't blame 'em at all. These guys threw a lot of money Bolivia's way, and all the sudden Bolivia changes the rules on them, and even threatens to nationalize.

This article in CNN.com is pretty good at describing the 'Native' roots of the conflict.

Some lefty feels 'disapointed' by the deflation of activity on Friday.

, I couldn't help but feel fraudulent. Aren't we in the middle of a "war?" In the past week I have witnessed the most beautiful of acts: whole communities rising up - in the face of difficulty and physical repression - for what they feel is just. And now, everyone is shopping. It is hard to get used to the wave-like feeling to the current crisis. In such an unfamiliar space, I don't know whether this ebb and flow is normal or a sign that the energy is waning. I am encouraged by the planning meetings of dirgentes (leaders) that are taking place, by the rumored preparations for massive blockades and by the new phase that will accompany the return of the politicians. But I can't help but feel slightly deflated by the exodus of the cocaleros and the miners, by the continued distance between the most powerful players, and by the dissolution of the paro civico (strike) in El Alto.

What 'beauty', if this lady had an Effin clue, she'd know that Pace~o mobs have been doing this for centuries, raising hell and then going back to work as if nothing happened.