Thursday, May 19, 2005

On Bolivia and L.A.

Folks are basking about Villairaigosa in L.A. Its a good step forward; a national platform showing Latino political muscle, as well as the ability to cross between racial lines.

On the other side of the Latino-Latin American political reality, Bolivia, is clearly in a mess. Yesterdays Congressional session got out of hand. One congressman made remarks that offended some of the 'native' contingent", and he was assaulted by a female colleaugue in full native regalia, bowler hat and all. El Deber on the other hand takes a look at the challenges facing Mesa, who has his back against the wall. But by letting the new gas law pass Congress, through inaction, the burden also falls on everyone else who supported all variations of the project from higher taxes to all-out nationalization. Maybe Andres Oppenheimer is right, maybe a Parlamentarian system is better.