Thursday, May 26, 2005

Aymara Hip Hop

This is pretty wild.

Whats next?

A Tribe Called Quechua....

Young Bolivians Adopt Urban U.S. Pose, Hip-Hop and All

Published: May 26, 2005

EL ALTO, Bolivia, May 24 - This sprawling city on Bolivia's windswept high plains, home to nearly 800,000 Indians, is a tradition-bound place where the language is Aymara, the women wear derby hats and layer-cake skirts and families relax to centuries-old Andean music, which is heavy on pipes but devoid of lyrics.

In other words, not exactly the place you would expect to find a thriving, politically charged rap culture.

But El Alto - a flash point for protest and the capital of indigenous Bolivia - is seething, and a growing number of young Aymara are expressing their anger in a hard-driving rap, complete with rapid-fire lyrics excoriating Bolivia's leaders and venting about the dire social conditions of the country's Indian majority.

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